Last updated on 2021-08-05

We already have the complete list of fairs for 2021. In addition to the confirmed dates of fairs in the month of June we will have some presential actions and our tastings of Spanish wines with international experts will start. Registrations for all events will be opened during the week.

This summer we will also organize a series of tastings with a selection of wines to the main sommeliers and purchasing decision makers from all over the world. Very soon we will send all the information to our newsletter subscribers. You can find out more at

Remember that at Linked Wine if you do not manage to arrange a meeting at one of our events, we will offer you the credit for that event so that you can use it on another occasion.

September 22 and 23 Germany and Austria

September 29 and 30 United Kingdom and Ireland

October 6 and 7 France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Monaco

October 20 and 21 The Netherlands and Denmark

November 2 to 5 United States and Canada

November 16 to 19 LATAM

November 24 to 26 Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

JULY- Information on private import event Nordic Countries

JULY- Information on on-site event China

Pending final date:

Arab Emirates and Africa

Poland and Baltic States

Japan and Southeast Asia


Check the registration deadlines and conditions of each of them in the events tab of your Linked Wine profile and if you have not yet registered or want to know us better do not miss the video of our Webinar “Know our secrets”, which we conducted in September, where you can see all the features of our platform.