Nobody doubts the importance of taking care of the image of our brand and the presentation of the bottles. It is a fact that consumers often tend to select a certain product because of its attractive packaging, its eye-catching label or because the design stands out from others on the shelf. Moreover, it is essential in this digital world and especially when we want to increase our international sales. A good image undoubtedly helps the product to be perceived in a more attractive way by the consumer.

At Linked Wine we are aware of the importance of attracting the consumer’s attention, and that is why we surround ourselves with great professionals who help our clients to show the best of themselves. We work hand in hand with the advertising agency Mil Ojos, experts in image but also in wine.

As they themselves say:

We know the product we have in our hands and its audience. It is about making them very appetizing. We want them to be like fried eggs and potatoes. Apparently simple, and almost always very tasty… but they are not always the same: the quality of the raw material and the hand that cooks them have an influence.

Mil Ojos brings the essence of the producer to the end customer in a fresh and modern way. Careful videos, impeccable photographs and the best equipment get with their cameras to transmit the terroir and the care of the producers. And if you want air images, that’s done, Mil Ojos is a certified operator for the use of drones. Don’t be left with obsolete or technical videos that don’t interest your clients. Generate quality content created by experts Do you know the series The Wine Van from Amazon Prime Video? Well, they are the creators.

And if we also tell you that among their clients are not only large wineries and gourmet producers, but also a large number of organizations that have trusted them to create their advertising campaigns, such as the European Parliament, the Diputación de Cádiz, the Regional Council of Bierzo, La Rioja Turismo or the DO Utiel-Requena, among many others.

Our maxim is that everyone is an expert in their own field and in order to grow you have to surround yourself with those who know best how to do what they do. This is the origin of the partnership between Mil Ojos and Linked Wine to offer organizations and producers special packs that will boost the brand image abroad and increase sales.

It’s time to renovate the image of your website, launch your e-commerce or have quality material to send to your customers. Among the services offered is the creation of a photographic dossier and a corporate video in English or Spanish. A team will come to get to know you better and capture the best of you. And if our packs do not match what you are looking for at the moment, we can create a customized suit for you.

Remember that this service can also be included as an eligible expense in the CMO 2021. Take advantage of this year to update your digital image and increase your international sales.

Your image is the best way to transmit the essence of your product from miles away.

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