At Linked Wine we don’t stop and we keep working to take your products as far as possible. This time we are organising an online tasting with Master of Wine and Master Sommelier from all over the world, including Beverage Manager of the most luxurious and well-known hotels, Head sommelier of Michelin Star restaurants, purchasing managers of large importers and renowned auction houses, prescribers and jurors of the most important competitions in the world and industry leaders. We have around 40 participants from all over the world, from the USA, Asia, Latin America and New Zealand, among many others.

Your wines and spirits will travel around the world with an online tasting held in two sessions on 27 September, one in the morning and one in the afternoon so that tasters from all over the world can participate. A digital tasting will be carried out by monitoring the replies, which the participating wineries can then receive using the new software incorporated into our platform developed by the Catalan company Upwine, of which we are authorised distributors and of which you can contract their services through our Linked Wine platform with a special discount.

For the tasting, a selection of references will be sent in MSB-MiniSize Bottles format, 5cl hermetically sealed glass bottles, where the participating wines and distillates will be reconditioned following a meticulous process in the absence of oxygen that guarantees the quality and inalterability of the samples. You can find out more about them in our post MiniSize Bottles, the revolution in sending samples and very soon on the website we are creating. This format will allow participants to send us only 3 or 4 bottles per reference and we will send them to all the tasters, reducing the shipping costs considerably. You will have access to about 40 participants and the total cost will be like that of a couple of shipments.

For the tasting with Master of Wine and Master Sommelier, a total of 48 wines will be sent to all participants, from which 16 will be selected for live tasting through the specific online tasting software. The producers will present their wine or distillate through the videoconference system to the tasters while the data and opinions of the participants are collected live, data such as colour, limpidity, aromas, but also other types of questions such as market acceptance, packaging, etc. can also be included, all through our platform and with an approximate time per reference of 10 minutes. A few days before the tasting, producers will be able to carry out tests so that on the day of the tasting they will be able to control how the tasting will work.

We cannot carry out a live tasting of all the wines and spirits taking part due to the large number of samples, but a complete dossier of all the products will be prepared, adding the contact details of the sales manager, the tasting sheet and the countries in which the product is available. A detailed list of the tasters participating in the tasting will be sent to the registered wineries.

There are two options to register for the tasting:

  • Producers subscribed to Linked Wine: The tasting is free of charge, only the reconditioning of the miniature bottles and the shipment of the samples, that is one or two 5cl bottles per shipment.
  • Producers without a Linked Wine account. The registration fee is 120€ per registered reference plus sample processing and shipping costs.

For more details about the cost of registration, reconditioning and shipping, please contact us at

We remind you that right now we have a promotion with the code ANIVERSARIO by which when you sign up for any of our subscriptions we give you double the number of events you sign up for and we extend your subscription for 3 months. Take advantage of the discount and pay nothing for registering your samples for the tasting with Master of Wine and Master Sommelier.