We already have the solution for international sample shipments, a new way to save on your international logistics and reach the whole world at a much lower cost than if you had to send your bottles in their usual format. This format is the one we use for our fairs and online tastings, saving the most on shipping logistics and allowing our producers to exponentially increase their shipment of samples but with a minimum cost.

MiniSize Bottles are more economical, more attractive and more resistant than other similar formats that you can find and also its volume of 5 cl allows you to taste the wine or spirit again, if you need to. Its glass bottle and its oxygen-free packaging guarantee that the product will arrive in the best conditions and will not suffer variations in colour, flavour or aroma. Your recipients will not notice the difference with the original product.

MSB will allow you to send your entire range to markets where there is a limitation of litres or to reduce your logistic and especially customs costs as much as possible. We have several boxes, all of them reinforced and insulated so that your MSB arrive in perfect condition and do not suffer from temperature changes, allowing the bottles to arrive ready for tasting.

In addition, at Linked Wine we understand that one of the most important aspects when deciding on one product or another is its image, that is why the labels of our MSB are those of your product with slight modifications to comply with international standards such as the volume of the bottle or alcoholic volume among others.

But if you want to see it more quickly we leave you the infographic we have prepared.